Dead Ringer

Who killed the Vet?

Was it the Olympic horse (Paddy)
when he suddenly collapsed
in the stall where he was recovering
from a tough Olympic Games,
was there human intervention?

Was it an accident?

Or not?

Dead Ringer is a mystery set in the
US and Ireland, revolving around
the worlds of showing horses to the
International level, hounds,
hunting, and a small country B&B.
Greed, money, and the need for
attention drive some characters,
while hard work, family (human
and non-human), and the
(relatively) simple life drive others.
There are also those in the middle
who aren't sure of right and wrong,
especially when fame, fortunes,
love, and lust interfere.

(c) 2006 by Dianna Robin Dennis
All Rights Reserved